Seasons first trip: Vallisaari

E 2ms, PP, -1c, 6nm, MSVK-Vallisaari-msvk 

Although it was freezing cold we did a small trip with the boat just to check that does everything work. 

Near Helsinki there is an old military island called vallisaari. It opened to the public last year. In the summer you can visit it with public boat transfer, but at the moment it’s still kind of closed and empty. 

We were alone in there today and ate some korvapuusti and drink coffee.

It was nice!

Above you’ll see pictures from the same spot. Last year pic was taken one month later than this years. Difference is noticeable. 

It was peaceful and beautiful, but it’s even more beautiful at summer. But it can be pretty crowded sometimes. 

Weather was interesting, meanwhile it was snowing and sun was shining. It felt like summer is coming.