Painting and waxing and messing up the fresh paint

This weekend it was time to put antifouling paint to the bottom of the boat. It wasn’t too warm but adding some thinner helped the job.

While the paint dried I decided to try some waxing. It went pretty well but I managed to wax some fresh antifouling paint in the waterline and it was a pain in the ass to clean. But the end result worth the sweat, it turned out beautiful! The boat looks like new.

Speaking of pain in the ass. I also decided to change the old anchor light. It could have been fixed with a drop of crc and tape, but that would have been to simple.

I checked that this is an easy job with just unscrewing of two screws and putting a new light replacing the old worn one.

Ok, first screw was pretty easy. Some crc and force to open the screw which was stainless steel from the aluminum masthead.

Second screw was a #%***#! It snapped apart from the base without leaving any screw to open it with pliers or anything. After some bad language and thinking I decided to drill a new hole in the middle of the old snapped screw. I actually didn’t believe that would work but apparently I had some skills or good luck and I managed to make a new hole for the screw.

Of course I also had to measure and cut two new screws because the first old screw was bent and second was snapped.

Next time I shall use tape and crc… (probably this version is going to last at least 25 years though.)

New screws for the anchor light

Primer time

Today it was time to add another layer of varnish for the tiller and a little bit of primer paint to couple of spots in boat bottom.  Maybe I’m being too precise and fiddle but now I know that the bottom is perfect. 

I hope tomorrow is warm enough for antifouling painting.

For reminder: I’m going to use Hempel’s Hard Racing XTRA, color: penta grey. (Last owner used hempel’s glide speed, and this paint replaces the glide speed which isn’t available anymore.)