Rudder tiller Project 

It is ready! the rudder worked perfectly but it didn’t look so good and I thought that I had extra time on my hands so I made it better.​


Above you’ll see the starting point. It looked worn out but it was healthy teak underneath the surface.


After the sanding it looked good. I didn’t like the black aluminium autopilot thing so I made a new one from teak.



I joined the autopilot thing with long sturdy screws and epoxy. I will not brake.



More layers of varnish and some sanding between the layers.



After eight layers of varnish I am starting to feel satisfied. The varnish I used was Epifanes.


And here is the end result! Tadaa!



Splicing the genoa Halyard

I was working with the genoa and noticed something weird in the halyard splice. It felt empty and when I looked more precisely I noticed that it was spliced only with the cover of the rope.

It had lasted pretty well, but I wanted to fix it better.

  • img_4912

    Fu#%! First time trying halyard splicing. I learned a few things, example you should remember to put the shackle in the loop before finishing the job… 😬(or make a bigger loop for attaching the shackle later…)

  • With the second try I managed to make it good.img_4918

Helsinki seafront

Hello. In the picture you’ll see very nice Finnish beach (Uunisaari) in a small island across my own sailing clubs pier. The small guy showing off in the picture is my kid.

At summertime there is more sand, people and boats but less snow.