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S/Y X-tempore, X-Yachts, X-302 hull number 15

The X-302, is a 30’ monohull sailboat designed by Niels Jeppesen. Built by X-Yachts (Denmark) and made of sandwich fiberglass / polyester with galvanised steel  bottom frame for keel and rig loads. Discontinues rod rigging. Forestay furling drum installed below deck. Composite lead/ iron bulb keel.

X-302 sailboat was produced between 1994 and 2004 with 117 hulls completed.


Engine: Yanmar 2GM20FC (max 18,2hp/3600rpm, fresh water cooling)

Pituus: 9,12m, Leveys: 3m, Syväys: 1,70m, Korkeus: n.14,5m (+antenni), LWL: 8,05m

Standing height: 185cm, displacement: 3600kg, Keel: 1500kg (leadbulb /cast iron laminated)

Diesel : 50l, Water: 120l, Septic tank: n.50l, Hot water heater: 15l, Fridge: 100l

Heater: Wallas 30d

Original Brouchure: