This is a blog / memory bank / diary of Finnish guys mini adventures. Mostly about sailing trips in Finland, sailboat fixings and experiences with the boat. When I get old I can read these stories,  weep and be wrinkly.


Näyttökuva 2016-12-07 kello 9.15.08My grandfather was a sailor. He had a big wooden sailboat with big diesel engine, but he didn’t like the smell of the diesel so he took the motor away from the boat. My father is also a sailor. I think my grandfather forced my father to like sailing and my father did the same for me, at the moment I am brainwashing my own boy to love sailing.

IMG_0033.jpgI have spend a lot of time in sailboat from 0-6 years old. I lived in this Saltram Saga 40 boat called Spica 3 over a year when I was 5 years old. We travelled across the mediterranean sea and crossed the Atlantic ocean. Year was 1986 and actually it was the first ARC race ever (Atlantic rally for cruisers) and my first official sailing competition. My job was to smile and play with legos for 3 weeks in a row. I don’t remember our ranking at the finish line, but I guess it wasn’t too good because I kept a 20 year time-out from sailing competitions after that.


But winning races isn’t everything in sailing travels. I have some other memories from that year too: I remember seen a whales tail. We almost caught a big fish called blue marlin but I was too slow finding the hammer to make it sleep. So it bite the hook in half and got away. I was pissed. Later we got some Barracuda called toothy badass fish. I was excited, but then the parents said that it is too full of mercury to be eaten, so back to the sea it went too. I don’t remember the arriving to the Caribbean islands but i do remember the first fever I got there. It was Christmas and we had some trippy decorations in the boat. The red shiny ones were bad combined with fever. So bad my mom had to take them away because they seemed too hostile and scary. I think I had a rich imagination as a child. Today I am alright with red Christmas decorations.

After that trippy trip to the caribbean and back to Finland young me was forced to go to school because in Finland you have to go to school says the government and parents. I remember saying that I will run away if I will get even one detention in school. It was a big change. Suddenly I was in Finland, on land, and I had to actually follow up some schedules and obey the teacher. I remember that the first thing we had to do was to buy a shoes for us because we only had slippers. Winter in Finland is very different than in Caribbean.

Later I have been thinking that the journey probably made some changes to my brains and thinking at some critical age point. After that trip I didn’t feel to stay inside a class and forced to study how to read and write -I shall use this as a excuse for my not so good writing skills.

The unpredictability and randomness are funny little things in life. Those same things are usually strongly present in sailing too, at least in my amateurish sailing.

Also pretty past

I had almost forget sailing when suddenly my Dad bought an Optimist dinghy for me. I sailed it to a rock. It was my first crash.

I remember when my best friend John (name changed like in some police tv show)  also got a dinghy from his dad. John didn’t want to sail with dinghy so his dad tried his best and showed some example. It was a nice sunny summer day and we watched Johns dad sailing with the small dinghy from the pier in front of their cabin. It was almost idyllic situation. “Come on John this is fun!” The dad yelled. After that moment John went to get air gun from the cabin and started to shoot his father who was in the middle of the bay with this small dinghy. I can still visualize the moment Johns dad trying to hide behind the dinghy’s board side and yelling bad adult words to us. I think that was the last of their family sailings.

I was about 11 years old when I started Dinghy sailing in Suomalainen Pursi Seura (SPS). I experienced my first chinese gybe because of some tangled ropes and hard wind combined. After that I have dreamed about owning a drysuit. Anyways the summer with the dinghy was kind of a pain in the ass  but it apparently had a some kind of effect on my brain again.

Not so past anymore in Valencia

14 years later I moved to Spain because I had seen a picture of an alley with palm trees. At that moment I was studying and the weather in Finland was shitty so we decided to apply for Erasmus exchange program to the most appealing looking place we could find from planet earth. Mediterranean university of science and technology sounded like fun and adventures and it had this perfect picture in the brochure. So away went the applications. Half year later we flew there and pretty soon noticed that we were one month too early. Happily we met some local people and found the mediterranean beaches.

One day I was walking on the beach to south and there was a some kind of harbor being built. It was almost ready and I went to ask from engineer looking fellow with the paper folder and name tag: “Que tal?”, “Donde es ta bien construcctione I där?” My spanish if muy mal also… But he understood everything perfectly and told me that they were finishing the new Americas Cup Harbor in Valencia. Nice coincidence! Perro con verde!

Those races looked pretty boring from the beach. But I liked the boats and sailing, I felt that I had to get out to the sea. Later on I think I just should have asked from them if I could come aboard and sail with them, but it didn’t come to my mind at that moment. Tought I got to sail these RC sailboats at this small pond in the harbor. It wasn’t the same.

———random restaurant brake———–

Now I have to hurry to go to eat in BAS BAS Helsinki. Good restaurant I have heard. It is our wedding anniversary and the wife is in the lobby already. She almost angry… Have to go now!

-Now it is later, it is midnight and the day is Tuesday. Bas Bas was really good! I had some Burrata mozzarella, and some raw minced meat and pasta and beef. I felt too heavy for the first chair and I changed it to next table and took a sturdier one for my muscular behind. Now I feel that I should have just kept the first chair and see if it would have broke under my muscular behind. BTW I have a hot wife.


I came back to Finland and it was summer so the weather was great. In a glimpse it was winter again and the weather was opposite to great. I got bored so I bought a new apartment with my girlfriend. It was a complete mess but with a view. I turned it in to a dream home with my magic tricks learned from Hogwarts then we got bored to the stairs. View comes with a price of pain in the ass stairs without elevator. So we decided to move to ground floor side by side apartment (don’t remember it in english). There I met my neighbor and old friend called Juha and he asked me to come to sail with them. I said yes why not and there it started again.

My modern sailing days

Here I will write about the serious (not necessarily) sailing with s/y Maximus and the golden years. But now I go to sleep. Good night random guests and old weepy, wrinkly me.

Im not sure yet shall I write in Finnish or in English. Probably in Finnish because my writing is not so good and it is even worse in english.