Zinc prob, shiny prop, ice around the dock

Hello. I have a really good Volvo 3 blade folding propeller and reliable yanmar saildrive sd20. But the problem is the zinc between. The previous zinc is Perfect but it is starting to corrode away. I tried to google it but with no luck so far.

Maybe I’ll ask from Volvo.

Sea is still covered by ice, so we are not in a hurry with the boat yet.

Yanmar zinc problem

Volvo Penta and yanmar zinc do not fit properly

Previous zinc

If anybody knows where to find similar zinc than the left, please let me know.

Vinegar bath

Shiny prop

Merisatama still covered with ice…

Too cold for the antifouling

Weather is unstable, at a while it is snowing, then some raining and afterwards the sun is shining. Engine maintenance is ready and now it would be time to put some antifouling paint to the bottom of the boat. The thing is that the antifouling paints need warmer weather without rain.

I managed to sand the old antifouling paint this weekend, also ripped these old stickers away from the sides of the boat. Now I need some warm and dry days to finish the maintenance. Meanwhile I took the tiller with me from the boat for some renovation and washed most of the ropes.

BTW, just heard from the news that there is a storm coming this night. I wander where I will find my winter cover tomorrow morning…

Already late with the spring maintenance 

Seafront is still full of ice, but if I check the pictures from last spring I can see that the first sailboat was on the water in our harbor at the beginning of April. So that makes about two weeks and the season starts!

It is cold outside so I started inside. Maintenance of the engine, saildrive, propeller and interior of the boat this weekend. The engine is in good condition and lets try to keep it that way. New oils and coolant water for the engine and a couple of beers for me.

Saildrive got new oils also. As I said it was cold and the sd oil is pretty stiff stuff so it took about an hour to drain.

I tried to be pro and did a schedule for the spring maintenance. After the first weekend I am already late.

Now I am hungry.

Saildrive oil change

Yanmar 2gm20f, durable and easy to maintain

One of the blades of Volvo 3 blade folding propeller

I started the drain like this but soon made a fixing and left it to drain by itself


Video: What is this sorcery? One Swedish fellow wrote that he used just regular vinegar to clean the propeller. All the barnacle vanished and the metal turned color. And you can see the power of vinegar  in the video.